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The Gradient Health Method

With our omnichannel access model, we will help you launch and promote your latest medical innovations in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.
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Helping you navigate the Singapore and Asia-Pacific market

Gradient Health regularly surveys and interacts with healthcare practitioners in Singapore. We have our ears to the ground, and are acutely aware of the many market challenges you will face.

A small offline market, but full of online potential.

While Singapore is economically well-off, the healthcare market size is often deemed as small. Many companies tend to be deterred from launching their medical innovations here. Additionally, the relative cost of launching new products in Singapore can be quite high.

Nevertheless, we believe that the Singapore market is one filled with potential. The internet is readily accessible in Singapore, with a connectivity rate of over 99%. As information is readily available, patients can and already are taking more initiative in taking care of themselves.

In fact, personalized self-care in Singapore is already in place.

Recent developments in the health-tech and self-care space in Singapore include Lumihealth and Doctor Anywhere.

Lumihealth is a personalized health programme initiated by the Singapore government in partnership with Apple. It aims to help Singaporeans stay active, make healthier food choices, practise mindfulness, and stay healthy. Meanwhile, Doctor Anywhere is a telehealth startup that gives users quick access to health and wellness solutions, wherever they are.

If you have an innovative and effective self-care medical innovation, you can be sure that the Singapore market will be receptive of it. With our local and regional partners, Gradient Health will help you market your medical solutions and succeed in the Singapore market.
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Giving your product the best access in the market

The healthcare marketplace in Singapore is one that is receptive to new innovations. But regulatory practices in Singapore can be tedious and a barrier to entry for some companies.
Don't worry. From product to registration to sales, we can help you at any stage of the sales process.
This is where your journey begins. We regularly survey and interact with healthcare practitioners to identify the potential gaps they experience in their practices. Singapore clinicians are very receptive to adopting new medical solutions. Additionally, digital transformation is the cornerstone in all areas of economic development in Singapore.
With a population of 6 million, Singapore is among the least populated country amongst its ASEAN neighbours. However, because of its openness in the financial service sectors as well as its longstanding track record for healthcare solutions, Singapore is the perfect place to kick-off your solutions and gear up for success in other ASEAN markets.
When it comes to pricing strategies in health care, it always comes down to finding the right balance among value preservation, competitiveness and accessibility for the right patients.

Information is key. We combine global pricing strategies with the local market landscape to ensure your innovation is optimally priced.

Pricing is a dynamic process as well. We offer pricing updates with recommendations on pricing strategies that suit your needs.
This is one of the most, if not the most, important part of a new product launch. The right registration strategy defines and shapes the future of your product.

A proper registration strategy relies on insights regarding product fitness, the market landscape, as well as commercial opportunity.

You need a clear registration strategy. We are here to help. Singapore offers a very transparent product evaluation pathway via the Health Sciences Authority. Gradient Health & Technologies can handle and provide professional support for your product registration strategy.
Besides understanding the market and having a good pricing strategy, you need a good logistics solution as well. We have your back covered.

We are a Health Sciences Authority-licensed importer and wholesaler of medical devices. We work with professional logistic partners to store and distribute medical goods. Our network includes hospitals, clinics, and retailers.
sales and promotion
The final step of any product launch: the sale and promotion of the product itself. Gradient Health and Technologies will help you to promote your solution and ensure success for your company.

With more than 15 years of commercial experience in sales and marketing for multinational pharmaceutical companies, we will help you reach your intended customers effectively. From offline retailers to online eCommerce platforms, we will leverage our connections to ensure your solutions reach your ideal customers.

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