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Featured Solutions

We work with our healthcare partners to bring the best healthcare solutions for the masses. Gradient Health & Technologies is a Health Sciences Authority-licensed importer and wholesaler of medical devices in Singapore. Here are some of our featured products that we import and distribute.
Pacey Cuff

Pacey Cuff is a urethral compression device designed to minimize male urinary leakage.


Natural solution to restore appearance & healthy toenails and feet.

Our Mission: Helping innovative healthcare suppliers succeed in Singapore

Are you a healthcare solutions company aiming to break into the Singapore market? Do you feel hindered by the high cost of healthcare product launches in Singapore?

It doesn't have to be this way.

At Gradient Health & Technologies, we believe that there is always a better way.

Many smaller companies hesitate to launch their innovative solutions in Singapore because of the high relative cost of product launches and small size of the market.

However,  Singapore healthcare market is also very well established.  Its regulatory harmonization across ASEAN markets as well as ethnic diversities within the country offer exceptional environment for your innovation to springboard onto other markets. 

With Gradient Health & Technologies, we can support you with this market expansion endeavour.  We are locally based in Singapore with regional professional networks across the healthcare industry.  We adopt the Gradient Health Method so you will have a clear view of market access to such a heterogenic market segment.

Here's how we can help

Connecting solutions to customers: the Gradient Health Method

Here at Gradient Health & Technologies, we want to connect your latest healthcare innovation and technologies with your desired end users. With our omnichannel model, we bring together a wide array of regional and local expertise to help you gain reach into the Singapore market.

In this day and age, healthcare information is readily accessible. Patients can and will be searching for healthcare solutions that they can use in the comfort of their homes. We will connect you to them.

We regularly interact with healthcare practitioners to identify potential gaps in their practices. Singapore clinicians are very receptive to adopting new healthcare solutions.
The need for self-care technology and the existing tele-medicine infrastructure in Singapore makes it a great place to make your health-tech innovations a reality.
We combine global pricing strategies with the local market landscape to help you price your solutions. We also offer pricing updates and recommendations that suit your needs.
The right registration strategy will define and shape the success of your product launch. We will help you register your product with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).
We are a Health Sciences Authority-licensed importer and wholesaler of medical devices. We work with professional logistic partners to store and distribute medical goods. Our network includes hospitals, clinics, and retailers.
sales and promotion
We have more than 15 years of commercial experience in sales and marketing for multinational pharmaceutical companies. We can effectively reach your intended customers.

Our Partners

Our healthcare solutions are only made possible with the help of our partners.

Partner With Us

Do you have an innovative healthcare solution that you would like to introduce to the Singapore market?

We would like to help you succeed and globalise.

    E.g. Marketing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Chief Executive Officer etc.

    Gradient Health & Technologies

    Solutions in motion: Helping you succeed by providing omni-channel access for your medical devices to Singapore and Asia Pacific.
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